Monday, February 9, 2009

Pea Ridge Trip

The history club will be visiting Pea Ridge National Military Park on Friday, February 13. Pea Ridge was a very important battle which helped keep the state of Missouri for the Union. Here are some interesting facts taken from the web site:

Almost half of the enlisted troops and many of the officers in the Union Army of the Southwest at the Battle of Pea Ridge spoke German as their first language.

When Confederate General Van Dorn heard news that Curtis pushed Price out of Missouri, he set out to take personal charge of an attack on Curtis, along with Price and McCulloch. He arrived at Price’s headquarters in an ambulance, braving a severe illness resulting from falling into an icy stream.

There were four Medal of Honor recipients in the Battle of Pea Ridge: Private Albert Power, Captain William P. Black, Colonel Eugene A. Carr, and Colonel Francis J. Herron.